“These Prayers Can Be Prayed Individually Or Corporately At Your Own Discretion……..Uniting Our Hearts, Minds And Spirits On One Accord” ~ #Pray4TheChildren.   G. 



▫️We release the BLESSING OF THE LORD over our children

▫️ We thank you FATHER for resources to provide  for the children that are homeless, sick, and hungry. 

▫️ We pray that we’d listen and obey  you Father when you call us to nurture, and supply need for children all over the world

▫️We Pray for children everywhere

▫️We Pray for their protection

▫️We Pray for this generation and the generations that follow them

▫️We Pray that they’d set their hope in you through the Lord Jesus Christ!

▫️We pray, declare and decree safety for the fulfillment of your plan, purpose and destiny over their lives.

▫️ We come boldly to your throne of Grace to ask for your uncommon favor and supernatural blessings of Protection, Grace, Provision and Mercy upon our children.

▫️We Pray that they’d be viewed as someone to be nourished and cherished and not to be victimized for human trafficking, abortion, rape, murder, molestation, prostitution, neglect nor sodomy

▫️We Pray that they’d be held and kept in the palm of you hand as they come in and as they go out

▫️We Pray that you will be their shade upon their right hand and keep them from all hurt harm and danger and watch over their lives now and forever more

▫️We Pray that you’d cover them as their Heavenly Father. We Pray that You’d cover their minds. 

▫️We as a prayer of faith community come against low self esteem, confusion, low self imagery and suicidal thoughts, violence and sexual abuse. 

▫️As Jesus BLESSED the children we Pray and BLESS THE CHILDREN everywhere

▫️We pray that you’d pour out your Spirit on them.  We come against everything and everyone that comes against them to lead them astray and deceive them in their sexuality.  We come against sexual perversion instruction and indoctrination in the schools.

▫️We speak high school diplomas, college graduations, marriages and families, wholenesses and healing, purpose and destinies fulfilled, wealth, success and prosperity.

▫️ We pray Father that You would cover them with Your Grace and Shield them with Your care, wrap them in Your mercy and shelter them in Your Love

▫️ We Cry out to you Father and pray that You would do for them as only you can as they reflect the Glory of God

▫️We Pray that You would hide them under Your wings, outstretch Your  arms and surround them in Your care.

▫️ We Pray that they’d follow the path that You have planned for their lives.

▫️ We Pray that television will cease to be their teacher and the internet cease to be their primary educator.  

▫️We Pray that evil wicked deceitful video games cease to be their entertainment.

▫️ We Pray they learn to lean and depend on You only

▫️We Pray in agreement for the success of this  PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN MOVEMENT and CAMPAIGN

▫️ We Pray for children on every Continent and every Nation

▫️ We Pray that the Children will give their heart to You and allow You to lead and guide them

▫️ We Pray that the right person at the right time would make contact with them and share with them THE WORD OF GOD to help them find the way they should go

▫️ We Declare that the Angels of the Lord are encamped around them and Your hedge of protection surrounds them.

▫️ We Pray that You would save those that are lost as You promised to do.

▫️ We Declare these prayers are ANSWERED by You in JESUS NAME, AMEN!!